Thursday, March 5, 2009

Embody is Good for You

Herman Miller Embody Chair

The look communicates performance. The chair's profile, which mimics the spine, is driven by its health-positive features. Visual contrast and balance. When viewed from the back, the technology is exposed; when viewed from the front, you see organic shapes and curves.
Textiles add warmth. More like a skin than a covering; textiles are meant to enhance, not cover up; they have "loft" for a cushy feel; light and air pass through; colors pair with two frame colors and three base colors to simplify choice and appeal to universal tastes.

Embody lets your body move and keeps you well supported, because your mind works best when you move freely and stress is minimized on your muscles, bones, and tissues. Blood circulates better, heart rate goes down, more oxygen flows to the brain, and there is no distracting discomfort or physical constraint. That's critical in our idea economy where innovation drives success and people get paid for their thoughts and creativity.

The innovation of the decade, the magnificent new Herman Miller Embody Chair, redefines ergonomics and resets the bar for seated comfort! Its shape alone is groundbreaking: viewed from the front, you see the graceful, organic curves that make up this elegant masterpiece, and viewed from the back, the technology is exposed beautifully. The Embody Chair evolved from the concept that your mind works best when you move freely. With 6 ergonomic functions and endless intuitive functions, this is truly the greatest chair manufactured to date!

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  1. I personally love this chair. I bought one off of and it's done wonders for my back. I love that site too; great prices and service.