Thursday, March 5, 2009

Overview of the Embody Chair

You point, click, and fixate on your computer screen. And you sit still for hours. Your body screams, "Move!" … Unless you're seated in Embody.

Designed specifically for people who interact with computers for long periods of time, Embody is a huge leap forward in seating. With a back that is “alive,” mimicking your spine to promote health-positive sitting, Embody creates harmony between you and your computer. In fact, Embody is the first work chair that supports your mind as well as your body, enabling you to focus, think clearly, and create.

Rated Gizmodo's "Best Chair Ever Sat On"Visionary design juxtaposes exposed technology with organic curvesNarrow back for unimpeded arm movement, encouraging air movement into the lungs to feed your brain

Backfit™ adjustment instinctively adapts to your spine through the full range of working positionsTilt Technology™ naturally guides your body into the most positive seated postures

Pixelated Support™ matrix makes you feel like you are floatingRecline flex provides constant lower back support with unparalleled recline positionsAdjustable seat depth and tilt control to conform to your exact shape

Optional arms adjust 6” horizontally and verticallyExposed back moves heat away from the bodySeat edges flex, eliminating pressure on your legs and arms”Loft” fabric has a cushy feel, allowing light and air to pass throughCradle to Cradle and GREENGUARD certified95% recyclable with 42% recycled content; contains no PVCsWeight capacity: 300 lbs.Made in the USA


Chair available with or without adjustable arms
Frame available in White and Graphite
Base available in Titanium, Graphite, and Polished Aluminum
Option to include three different types of chair casters
Available in a variety of resilient, breathable fabrics
Chairs with Carbon or Black fabric have a Graphite grey back mat; all other fabric options have a translucent back mat

Backfit™ Adjustment

Instinctively adapts to your spine’s curvature and movement through the full range of working postures Increases blood circulation, redirecting oxygen to the brain while decreasing your heart rate Naturally keeps your head and hips balanced, and perfectly aligned with your computer screen
Recline Flex

Lower back support remains constant, whether you lean forward or recline
Working recline stabilizes pelvis and reduces compression of the spine, slowing fluid loss from discs
Seat stays flat as back reclines, keeping thighs parallel to floor for ideal seating posture

Tilt Technology™

Rotation points within seat and back provides three zones of support, naturally guiding your body into the most positive seated postures Eliminates pressure behind knees for people with of all leg lengths Tilt adjust lever and seat depth adjuster fit your exact needs - learn more with the Embody Adjustment Manual

Pixelated Support™

Pixel matrix creates dynamic seat-and-back surfaces that evenly distribute your weight at the tiniest movement
H-Flexors and coiled springs respond to movement individually, making you feel as if you are floating

Three caster options, each with black nylon double wheel and a 2 ½” diameter, accommodate all styles of flooring:

Standard casters – work well on most low pile office carpets
Hardwood casters – thin rubber coating prevents damage to flooring and provides greater traction
Deep-carpet casters – allows user to avoid snags and move easily across thicker carpets

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